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Welcome to the website of the Save Sudan  Initiative, a voluntary initiative aimed at providing urgent humanitarian support to victims of war in Sudan.

Our initiative was originated by the Sudan of  the Future , and we invite you to join us in our efforts to help our fellow Sudanese citizens.

The Save Sudan  Initiative is focused on providing support to those who have been most affected by the ongoing conflict in Sudan, particularly in the states where the impact of the war has been most severe.

Our goal is to provide all forms of urgent humanitarian support to the wounded, stranded, displaced, and other vulnerable groups in these areas. Our initiative operates through three key activities:

Gathering information:

We work to gather information about the needs of those affected by the war in Sudan, so that we can better understand how to provide effective support.

Communication and partnership:

We work closely with other organizations, countries, and individuals to secure resources and support that can help us meet the urgent needs of those affected by the conflict.

Delivery of support:

We work to deliver the necessary support and resources to those in need, whether individuals or groups.

Our initiative operates in various state capitals, with our main headquarters located in Port Sudan. We have already formed a partnership with the United Peace Organization, and Euro-African Foundation. We are actively seeking additional partnerships with organizations, both domestically and internationally.

Join us in our efforts to provide critical support to those most affected by the ongoing conflict in Sudan. Together, we can make a difference and help to create a brighter future for all Sudanese citizens.